Catania - 2020 September 

Valentina Santagati

valentina santagati

Valentina Santagati, class of 1981, since child she began to realize easily her first sketches representing feminine figures, wedding dresses and fictional characters of her childhood. Thereafter she realizes and entertains the idea to begin fashion designer. 

After a degree in Painting at a School of Fine Arts, she decides not to quit her passion for the fashion world and she studies the history of costume, the techniques of creative design, the illustrative and graphics techniques for the illustration of the fashion-plates. 

She took part in the previous editions of the event MadeinMedi: year 2007 she showcased her first collection called “Secret faces”, a tribute to the great Spanish painter Salvador Dalì; year 2009 there was her second appearance in the category emerging fashion talents with the collection “Fractal” inspired by the fascinating world of fractals.

In her background we found also her working experience in the company “Tania Ercoli Design” in Civitanova Marche where Valentina worked in the design department as designer for the woman shoes. 

At present day Valentina lives and works in Catania in the “Ferrera” Atelier for haute couture, formal and wedding dress, she works on the sales and also on the development of the new collections dealing with the creative and tailoring aspects. She is coming back at MadeinMedi 2013 with a new collection with a Mediterranean touch. 


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p: + 39 340 66 58 320



"Questo è il mio mare, il mio mondo che sol di sogni vive: è il più bel mare del mondo." 




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