Catania - 2020 September 

Knights, dragons, warrior princesses and woodland on the catwalk with Stefania Parisi.


In love with medieval fantasy novels, Stefania reveals role-playing games of characters with chivalric outfits. Stories, books and legends among her passions, so strong to confirm again them in the thematic research for her collection.


Outfit for a woman closely tied to the past. A mysterious woman who plays with double roles. A woman overshadowed by male figure but with a warrior soul. A woman who has the power to manipulate man’s decisions. Another detail of the femininity of this collection is simplicity.

A woman without eccentricity, a natural personality but with strong features.


Softness in contrast with rigid components that protect it.


Cold and hot are both satisfied in a “morning” collection. Fine lines stand out in more embellished manufactures for practical outfits. Fabrics born originally in a way and then create again to achieve a new identity.

Accurate manufactures born from Stefania’s thought and from her manual skill.




"ARMORAMOR" - Madeinmedi 2014


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Ph. Valerio D'Urso - VDF