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Shahira Fawzy


Sahara is an Egyptian house of design where anthropologist Shahira Fawzy translates her desert memories and her old Cairo memories into modern usable and wearable art. It is thefirst Arab designer that incorporates only traditional Arabic patterns, art motifs and the art of Arabic calligraphy.

In her Sahara shops she exhibits modernized collections of jewelry, costumes and home textiles that maintain the traditional desert designs.  


Sahara fashion produces wearable art in the form of dresses and gallabeyas with their own accessories and pieces of jewelry. Some of our samples of traditional designs taken from iron work and marble engravings found in the mosques of old Cairo.


shahira fawzy with models

Sahara has utilized hand woven Egyptian cotton and natural silk to produce a unique line of wearable and usable art. Shahira Fawzy initially sold her work as paintings, in 1995 the paintings were converted from artistic wall pieces to artistic wearable pieces of jewelry, costumes, cushions, lamps, curtains and home textiles.





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