Catania - 2020 September 

Sara Anastasi remembers ... The link to the past, both they are objects, people or experiences.

From here begins her journey...


New Delhi, India, is the cradle chosen to enclose and preserve her memories. She tours, learns, looks for. She immerses herself in religion and Indian culture; Sara "steals" flavors and colors that attract her to impregnate her collection in way to wear them and to sew up her memories.

She turns the intangible into tangible.

In her dreams, she recovers objects with ardor, every kind of material that generate her interest in way that it could overflow from her clothes. Young and traveler, curious and open to the world, it is the kind of woman who inspires Sara.

A collection of deep spirit, re- elaborating at times the Indian tradition, the alternative use of the sari and a reinterpretation of sindoor (red powder that is applied on the forehead of Indian women).




"INSIDE" - Madeinmedi 2014



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Ph. Valerio D'Urso - VDF