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Said Mahrouf 

Said Mahrouf- ph.Will Faliz


Said Mahrouf obtained his studies in fashion design from the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy and Pratt Institute (New York). Mahrouf initially focused on the making of site-specific performances, for which he also designed the costumes.

His work has been displayed at (a.o.) the New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (New York), the Utrecht Central Museum, the Amsterdam Municipal Museum, Carriage works Gallery (Sydney) and recently in Casablanca's Loft Gallery.

In 2011 he was appointed artistic director of the 15th edition of Morocco's main traditional fashion event, Caftan, which was broadcasted live from Marrakech. 

Said Mahrouf- ph.Will Faliz -model

Said Mahrouf annually presents a Prêt-à-Porter collection at Festimode-Casablanca Fashion Week. In 2008, at the invitation of its director Jean-Pierre Moche, he showed his spring/summer collection 2009 during the Paris' Prêt-à-Porter Salon.

His fall/winter 2011 and spring/summer 2012 collections had been bought by the recently opened Galeries de Lafayette in Casablanca. In January 2012 Said Mahrouf preseted his collection at the Amsterdam Fashion Week and he has recently been selected to show his upcoming collection at the World Fashion Week in Paris in November 2013. 



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ph. credits: Will Faliz


Minimalistic glamour 






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