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Rose Vetrano graduated in architecture and a license to practice in Palermo, and later performs a period of training at the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa. Consolidate own work experience paying collaborations in various professional firms and in public administration. Attend a two-year Master on "Recovery and Restoration of Architectural Heritage" in France, and it is precisely in the course of this extraordinary experience, including construction sites and art workshops, which has the opportunity to experience the magic and infinite potential of some materials. Juggling between waste materials and discarded materials, she discovers a new world and fascinating, that of "recycling".

Versatile and eclectic her interests range from interior design to fashion design. Creations are inspired by the concept of feeling that is shaped and becomes material, born from an inner drive that finds its culmination in the materialization of evidence to satisfy the combination of mind and body, therefore, useful physical and spiritual well-being that is able to arouse emotions.     w:

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"THUMOS" - Madeinmedi 2014


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