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Rosa Vetrano

Rosa Vetrano

Always attracted by the world of art and everything that revolves around the creative world, she participates in several painting and poetry contests, winning the special prize at the 25th International Art Exhibition, sponsored by the Association for the arts letters, with "Hope in the darkness", and 2° ranked poetry contest organized by the Institute "Don Vincenti" with the poem "l'infinito". She obtained a degree in architecture and enabling the profession at the Faculty of architecture of Palermo; following a period of training at the Faculty of architecture of Genoa. She consolidates her experience with collaborations in various professional studios and at a public administration in the city of Palermo, where she lives and works. She participates also in the selection to a “Master biennale on recovery and Restoration of the architectural heritage ", banned by the European Union. She attended the masters in France, and it was during this extraordinary experience, between construction sites and workshops, that she has an opportunity to experience the magic and power of some materials; so by manipulating between waste materials and disused materials, she discovers a new and fascinating world, that of "recycling". In Milan she is called to set up some Windows of shops, brands notes, located in the centre of the city. 

She participates at the Milan Fuorisalone 2013, held in Milan, with the unpublished works of design "Ctre" and "Tubaintubo" selected for the recycling and eco sustainability category.

Versatile and eclectic person, she has various interests ranging from interior design to creation of installations, from ideation and realization of fashion design to objects design. 

Her creations are inspired by the concept of hear that becomes the subject, they come from inner stimulus that finds its culmination in the materialization of items to satisfy the mind-body combination, therefore, physical utility and spiritual wellbeing that is able to arouse emotions. The creations have a poetic language that uses shapes, sometimes smooth and sometimes almost angular, textured but with a minimalist essence.



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Mutazione Prismatica

Musica magica libera la mente;

 fiamme danzanti svelano il mistero;

mare e cielo universo di emozioni;       

nella terra la vera essenza;



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