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Raja El Rayes

raja el rayes

Overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi's regime has resulted in newfound freedom for many Libyans, including fashion designer Raja Rayes, who can bring Tripoli's rich culture into her clothes and jewellery. 

Raja, who recently showed her latest collection from her label, Rujji, at a fashion show at Bait Muzna Gallery in Muscat, in her designs is heavily influenced by Libyan culture. She uses traditional materials like patterned cotton, silk and silver to make her gowns and jalabiyas. To create different looks, she combines old material with new, merging her country's past and present.

Raja uses designs that originated in Tripoli, or which reflect Libyan history. For example, some of her dresses are embroidered with lyrics from songs her mother used to sing. Raja's designs not only reflect the pride she has in her homeland, but they come with a "Made in Libya” label, which is something she long dreamed of. Her wish is that people around the world will be able to buy clothes made in Libya. 

Though she lived in Italy for 26 years, Raja always wanted to contribute to the growth of her homeland, so four years ago she opened a fashion academy in Tripoli where Libyans could study design. It was then that she began her own line, too. She had often made clothes and jewellery for herself and for friends and family who encouraged her to start her own line. Raja says she grew up in a home surrounded by art, antiques and beautiful carpets, all of which influenced her interest in design. 

After having part at the previous edition of the event Madeinmedi, Raja is planning another collection for the Madeinmedi 2013.

[source: Times of Oman] 



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