Catania - 2020 September 

Disfigured purity and Undefined identity with Noemi Licciardello.


The idea of pure gets dirty enclosed in the white color tonalities. Aging purity that crumbles, showing how much degradation hides inside it. A unisex collection with a "now you see me, now you do not” effect, outfits that play with the physicality of both male and female bodies. Dresses with architectural geometries and rounded features to conceal the sex of the wearer, to be adaptable to everyone.

The practical choice is limited by stark realities chosen by Noemi for a sport day collection. Minimal dresses for a summer market, oriented towards a young target. Identity cover for a design that wants to reduce the differences between men and women but being a 360° winner, suitable to meet every need.




"UNDEFINED" - Madeinmedi 2014



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Ph. Valerio D'Urso - VDF