Catania - 2020 September 

Morena Cutello

morena cutello


Morena Cutello, class of 1988, grew up in the province of Ragusa, and since child stands out her creative mind and she dreams to become an artist.


After studying fashion design and art, where she learned the techniques of design and workmanship of fabric, embroidery, textures and print textile design, she is ready to become a fashion designer.


Her first collection, inspired by the seven deadly sins, is “Sevil” (the name mixes up the word s seven and evil); here she blends shapes, cuts and colors representing her nature.  To follow, she presents the same collection in the charming venue of Montecarlo.


Another experience was in store for her…an internship in Antwerp in the studio of the fashion designer Cédric Jacquemyn. Soon she becomes his personal assistant and she travels with him between Paris and London, where the designer showcases his collections.


At present, she creates clothes for private customers, contributes to fashion photo- shoots as stylist and takes part in different fashion shows. On September 2012, even the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera writes about her in its famous appendix dedicated to the fashion world. On the occasion of MadeinMedi 2013, she presents her new collection: a sophisticated allure where she concentrates the center of her work that is harmony, beauty and originality.


Superbe Charme


“… è una donna consapevole del fascino e della seduzione che le derivano dall’eleganza. Non abbassa gli occhi, ci guarda con fierezza … è una rivoluzionaria in abito da sera." 


 René Gruau







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