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Leyre Valiente studied Audiovisual Communication and Fashion Design, obtaining two school awards along with an honorable mention for her final project. With this project, she was finalist in various national and international contests. In September 2011 she was included in the supplement to VOGUE Talents Italy as one of 180 emerging talents 2011 after which her work was included in blogs, websites and publications around the world. Her work has been featured in 19 variations of the Little Black Dress. The art of pattern design for fashion (Mao Mao Publicatons, 2011), a book by Isabel Sánchez, published in five languages.
During her training period, she worked as an intern in Yono Taola, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, and LOEWE. She showed her first capsule collection “Santa Sangre” at South 36-32N (Cadiz Fashion Week) and she has been selected by EGO platform to showcase her collections at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid three times.


She was invited by Fier Showroom to exhibit her work during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, where she was also nominated for an award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. She has been invited to exhibit a dress within the “Identity” exhibition part of the Month of Design Ljubljana. She has exhibited a dress along with a printed piece in 3D (collaboration with architect Niccolò Casas) at the 3D Printshow of London and Paris. She also has been selected as one of the eight brands invited by the fair MODEFABRIEK on its NEXT platform for new talent for this January, and exhibited two dresses at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.
She has participate as a commentator of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid fashion and bridal shows for the Cosmopolitan tv program Moda Cosmo, and editor of the blog Diary of a Novel designer at In the section of collaborations, she designed a raincoat of bioplastic made from potato starch for the brand Equilicua (exhibited in New York) and she has illustrated a tshirt for Suxinsu. Winner of the contest for designing the uniforms of the Callao City Lights cinemas in Madrid and has been chosen as best Madrid designer in the National Awards to the Fashion for Young Designers. National Final is in February.


 Twitter and Instagram @leyrevaliente
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"NOSTROMO" - Madeinmedi 2014


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