Catania - 2020 September 

The sea and its oddities are contained in the collection of Ilaria Blanda


In love with the water and with what animates the seabed, Ilaria remains enchanted by a particular starfish.

The Starfish Gorgon, typical for its tentacles that recall the myth of Medusa, reappears in the outfits of her collection. Meticulous graphic manufactures born from the creativity of the designer that reproduce the effect of the coral.

The collection is bounded to a young and attractive women who are aware of their innate femininity, women able to petrify the man with one glance, just like Medusa La Gorgone. A woman who flaunts her sensuality in interchangeable dresses that emphasize her shapes, keeping, however, a sort of comfort.

"Deep Charmer" is a summer collection that alternates day looks with cocktail or evening outfits; competitive clothes in a market that feels the crisis, but that hides refined details and Haute Couture products.




"DEEP CHARMER" - Madeinmedi 2014

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Ph. Valerio D'Urso - VDF