Catania - 2020 September 

Francesca Marotta

Francesca Marotta 


A Creator to the End of her Fingertips, Francesca Marotta is part of the new crop of young designers creating a buzz amongst fashionistas. Francesca was born in Sicily in 1973, her roots play a great part in the way she creates her collections. She has studied at the London College Of Fashion, part of the London Institute, University of the Arts. Since, she has worked for several companies, has had fashion shows of her own in Japan, UK, France and Belgium; won few Designing Awards (one of them being Best Young Designer 2003 - France Nord-Pas-de-Calais) and has built a little clientele. Her taste for Designing, Creating a Concept and Couture have been with her since the tender age of four and by the time she was ten, she started to design and sew outfits for her little sister's dolls. Already then her designs had an edge, a different touch to them. She has always had an Eye for Style and Individuality. There are people that you would like to see everyday once you've met them. You know when in a split of a second you are sure that you are dealing with someone nice, someone who is worth it. Someone you can appreciate and can admire their talent and their work. You can spend hours watching them in the middle of their creating stage. Well, Francesca is one of those people. Designer in the Soul, Londoner of Heart and Sicilian in the Skin. They are rare those designers who can truly say that they are 100% involved from the designing to the production and the shows.

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She definitely has the Midas Touch. She does it all with an evident and deep pleasure. This is the up-and-coming label to wear if you want to stand out in the crowd and make a statement. Francesca Marotta aims to the Kids, Women, Men, Ready-To-Wear Fashion, Accessories, Bridal and Haute Couture. Discover an Artist who never waits for other people's inspirations to dare her differences! She is simply Conceptual, a Trend-Setter, an Avant-Gardiste. As a Creative Director and Stylist, Francesca has also worked in many fields : fashion shows, look books, campaigns, music videos, editorials, etc...and with celebrities clients such as The Scissor Sisters... She has been published Worldwide : in UK, France, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Russia, USA and Brazil.