Catania - 2020 September 

Antonio Attisano


Antonio Attisano was born in 1994, 26th  June. He attended the grammar school of Licata. He had lively intelligence which looked deeply into life. He had also a free power of observation, while he was lovely pointing out his artistic passion since his early child head when he started to show his love for music and arts.

Unfortunately , he left his life 2010, 19th  December , when he was only 16.

He was fully fond of beauty living us a still unknown heritage of writings poems and designs. “Symphony n. 2” is  his second collection after the fist amazing collection (“Symphony n. 1”) showcased in occasion of MADEINMEDI, the Mediterranean fashion and design week in 2011. It testifies a prematurely disappeared talent whose creations will revive in timelessly actual, innovatory shapes.


During Madeinmedi 2013 Antonio will come back with "Symphony N.3. Love me in colors": an explosion of bright colors on innovative geometric lines.




Sinfonia n.3. Love me in colors


Difficile trovar parole molto serie,
tenterò di disegnare...
come un pittore,
farò in modo di arrivare dritto al cuore
con la forza del colore.
(Come un pittore – Modà)






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