Catania - 2020 September 

Annalisa Coco is full of ideas as super attracted to macabre!

She carried out different researches, after a long search Annalisa arrives at the Mexican culture among the people who knew how to juice up and to liven up the theme of death. Enthusiastic about the happiness and the lightheartedness of the delicate and critical moment of transition, she was fascinated by how this population of Central America lives celebrating the mourning, even animating the cemeteries with feasts and tasting the typical skull- shaped cookies.



Remaining in this spit of land, another source of inspiration is Frida Kahlo, a unique figure with an incredible artistic talent who is fascinated by the moment of the final hour and who tells this moment into her paintings.

Our student "captures" these interests with the dreamcatcher, emblematic symbol of the Mexican tradition, despite the Indian origins. A very important element for this culture at the point that there are many stands devoted to its creation.

Annalisa thinks of Frida Kahlo and how she would be dressed this day and age; a collection for the warm season, customized by a print drawn by herself, bound to an independent and innovative woman.



"Muñecas" - Madeinmedi 2014


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Ph. Valerio D'Urso - VDF